English Golden Retriever


Are you looking for an English Golden Retriever?
I find myself answering this question so often I felt a need to write a post.

Did you know there is NO such thing as an English Golden Retriever?
The breed began in Scotland, British Yes.
Would you not wonder why the breed clubs doesn’t say British Golden Retriever?
I think people have gotten caught up in the color variations of The Golden Retriever .. Cream to dark red… Really anything between seems to win at the AKC Dog shows. *on occasion the Cream coat shines. AM CH Scandal Lover deZelkova (Spanish Imp)

It’s not a pet peeve or irritant to me that the main stream of America refers to the Cream coat as White, as the mind draws a conclusion when you see an American dark coated Golden next to the cream coat. One might say, is that a white retriever?
*white is not a shade for the breed FYI :0)

However, I feel the rant of stating the ‘English Golden’ vrse the ‘American Golden’ is healthier and lives longer is a false hood. I’ve been in the breed since Nov. 2002. In this time I have made many friends abroad and here (USA)) noting health issues with the British style Golden (ok my preference to refer to our Breed in a cream coat), yes cancer, yes Epilepsy, yes heart failure, yes blindness, … The list is just as equal to our American Bred Goldens. There are times I wish I could comfort my callers or emailers that the ‘white’ coat as they refer to the English Golden didn’t have the health issues our American bred Goldens do. It’d be a lie to say so.
Though I have not seen a recent study of British vrse American on health related issues, just my own observation from the relationships I keep here and abroad.
~ Ok, I’ve said my peace~
I have a HUGE heart for our breed as a whole and want to see us all striving in force to make healthy, longevity, well tempered, well mannered, Gorgeous Typed Goldens.
To know a Golden is to know a true friend!
Much luv to all my readers
I do breed for type but Health & Temperament are Key!

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One response to “English Golden Retriever

  • Diane

    I am also waiting for AKC to continue to strive for the acceptance of Creme, or as light a creme that can be……TO ACCEPT THEIR COATS AS OK IN ALL RINGS!! All American Goldens are English/Scottish based….so give them ALL a break in the ring…I AGREE!!!!!!!!! ❤

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