Holistic Pet Care For Dogs


I am very excited to unfold to you all that I have learned about holistic care for my dogs and what I continue to learn.

My two top aromatic oil picks for daily use with my Goldens are

Serenity™ Calming Essential Oil Blend from dōTERRA®

A wonderful, aromatic way to beat stress and promote well-being

1) http://doterra.squarespace.com/storage/education-tab/information-sheets/Serenity%20Information%20Sheet.pdf

2) http://doterra.squarespace.com/storage/education-tab/information-sheets/LAVENDER%20Information%20Sheet.pdf

While I begin to put this together check out the links below …


  • Holistic Healing (in2herbs.wordpress.com)
  • doTerra.com

    We care about our BABIES

    We care about our BABIES





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