Daisy: Alaska’s Daisy Duke


Style'n Miss Daisy .. don't mind her fluff! ;0) 22.5 mnths

Style’n Miss Daisy .. don’t mind her fluff! ;0) 22.5 mnths

DAISY DUKE My Pride & Joy.

Daisy is a Beautiful British Type Golden Retriever with International/National Championship. she has her AKC CGC certificate, best of breed puppy, & 3 Group1 puppy titles.

Daisy is an offspring that we are sure PROUD of. She has four AKC puppy shows under her belt & two AKC puppy sweeps stakes. She is not one to enjoy the show ring much but is very eager to please. We will continue to get Daisy out to the shows but allow her to be LAZY DAISY. ;0)

Things Daisy enjoys most are: Time on the beach (Adores the water retrieving), couch time with her kids (human), walking around the neighborhood, lake swimming, and more couch time with her kids.

Duke (L) Daisy (R)

Duke (L) Daisy (R)

Daisy loves her brother Duke. The two of them are like twins when together inseparable. We have very special plans for Daisy’s First breeding Summer of 2012 to a boy OUR hearts ADORE and Breeders we greatly ADMIRE. Stay tune to our future plans with Daisy.

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Miss Daisy & Student (Posh daughter "LADY" @7wks)

Miss Daisy & Student (Posh daughter “LADY”@7wks)BEST OF BREED PUPPY









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