Goodbye Outer Court

The Musings of Cate Morris

I find it amazing that many times in life, I find myself making decisions and drawing conclusions without complete facts or data.  There is this desire to sit in the “outer court” with others and speculate, pontificate, postulate, induce, and deduce meaning, purpose, judgement, and actions.  O, the blogosphere of ideas!  We have come up with answers for almost everything–we just need to sway the audience in our direction.  And we can “succeed”, to some degree, in convincing others we know what we are talking about as long as not all the facts are presented.  Sometimes we don’t know all the facts, and other times we don’t want to know. Let me give you some examples:

1, From my living room in Homer, Alaska, I speculate on what happened the the Malaysian jet that disappeared, using knowledge available to me from the internet (true or untrue).  I can read articles, watch…

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